Infographic: World Anaesthesia Day

Infographic: World Anaesthesia Day

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In conjunction with World Anaesthesia Day 2016, we bring you a pictorial description of the journey medicine has taken in mankind's foray to control pain.
18 Oct 2016 - General
I am really amazed at the advances in anesthesiology and pain management. Its amazing once you have seen an awake surgery, wherein patients are induced and then awakened once its necessary. I always find it amazing at how these patients have a three-...
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I completely agree that without anesthesia , medicine and surgery are really impossible to imagine. And when we read those historic stories of surgeries without anesthesia , we realize their true value. As far as anesthesiologists are concerned i cal...
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I, for one, cannot even imagine surgery without anesthesia, much less a mastectomy! Reading this timeline infographic on the history of anesthesia, I cannot help but be amazed at the time and discoveries it took to develop current anesthetic drugs in...
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