Infographic: World Anaesthesia Day

Infographic: World Anaesthesia Day

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In conjunction with World Anaesthesia Day 2016, we bring you a pictorial description of the journey medicine has taken in mankind's foray to control pain.
18 Oct 2016 - General
I am really amazed at the advances in anesthesiology and pain management. Its amazing once you have seen an awake surgery, wherein patients are induced and then awakened once its necessary. I always find it amazing at how these patients have a three-point-fixation system pinned to their heads without feeling any pain. Like everyone here, I cannot imagine surgeries without anesthesia although on historical review of surgery, ancient surgeons were able to perform similar surgeries without the bene...
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I completely agree that without anesthesia , medicine and surgery are really impossible to imagine. And when we read those historic stories of surgeries without anesthesia , we realize their true value. As far as anesthesiologists are concerned i call them "The Unsung Heroes" because we usually are interested with who the surgeon was but we fail to realize that such a great surgery wouldn't have been possible without a great anesthesiologist. Whole of the medical community acknowle...
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I, for one, cannot even imagine surgery without anesthesia, much less a mastectomy! Reading this timeline infographic on the history of anesthesia, I cannot help but be amazed at the time and discoveries it took to develop current anesthetic drugs into what they are now. Discovering that ether and nitrous oxide are feasible as anesthetics are notable breakthroughs. Also, I didn’t know that an ophthalmologist was the first one who discovered and used cocaine as a local anesthetic! Which among the...
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