Data science shows common drug pair prescription could increase risk of fatal heart condition

Data science shows common drug pair prescription could increase risk of fatal heart condition

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Researchers found that some combinations of commonly prescribed drugs can become deadly, even though they are safe to be taken on their own.
18 Oct 2016 - General
A very important topic indeed in today's world when a lot many drugs have come into the market and so readily available. Many physicians don't pay that much of attention to interactions as much is needed. Like for example i always see drugs like clarithromycin that are metabolized by cytochrome P450 combined with cytochrome P450 inhibitors like omeprazole . Instead pantoprazole should be used which has lesser effect on the cytochrome P450 enzyme. So it is always the rule to be sure of al...
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Polypharmacy is a normal trend in medicine prescription and if the two prescribed drugs are interacting then it will have hazardous outcomes. Doctors take much care while prescribing multiple medications because they know their harmful effect. Sometimes risky medication combinations are lethal therefore identification of such interactions is vital. The research combination shows that ceftriaxone and lansoprazole have a negative effect on heart leading to disruption of the normal activity of the ...
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Alex Ngai When two or more different drugs are taken together, an effect other than that achieved with each single drug may result. This is also true of drug side-effects. For example, taking two drugs that each cause peripheral neuropathy increases the likelihood of the occurrence of neuropathy.

It is not only prescribed medicines that can interact. The presence of food in the stomach can increase or de...
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Alex Ngai Thank you for providing new drug interaction of Ceftriaxone and Lansoprazole that producing a serious fatal reaction to the heart. Ceftriaxone first approved in USA in 1985 and Lansoprazole 1995 in USA. Lansoprazole itself producing cardiovascular disease an dI though that Ceftriaxone causing additive effect in this consequences that causing long QT syndrome.
I will not accept the statement OUT DAT...
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