A hospital ward has been quarantined after 5 people fall ill with mysterious hallucinations

A hospital ward has been quarantined after 5 people fall ill with mysterious hallucinations

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An emergency room in Oregon has been quarantined after five people started experiencing hallucinations that appear to have been spread via touch.
19 Oct 2016 - General
I know, right? It sounds like a movie, a very good plot too, but we'll have to add more catastrophic outbreak numbers to make it more dramatic and entertaining. Anyway, is this really possible, for hallucinations to be developed and/or a disease to of this nature to be acquired through touch? It's so weird and threatening, good thing it was controlled properly and it did not get even bigger than it was. Could this be mass hysteria, really? I am not familiar with the phenomenon, anyway th...
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Theekshana Abayawickrama I agree that reading through the article stimulates one's imagination of an apocalyptic movie plot. I've never really encountered about mass hysteria and I think that is a diagnosis of exclusion. From the scientific standpoint, an infectious source is likely since they all had a similar exposure to a single patient. I'm just wondering if CSF culture studies or brain imaging st...
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It is a really suspicious illness that has covered five people and all have started hallucination. In Oregon first patient was a 54 years old caregiver who called the police for a crime but the police investigation has shown there was no evidence of a crime. Three other people who were close to the caregiver during investigation and diagnosis have also started hallucination. The emergency room was analyzed to locate the reason for this issue but nothing was found. A blood test for all affected p...
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The article when you keep on reading start to sound like a movie script. A person hallucinates, and everyone that touches that patient starts to hallucinate! The investigators have not identified the causative agents for these symptoms in the victims. but I doubt if it is a transmissible condition that could be transmitted via physical touch. It is highly unlikely for a hallucinogen to penetrate the skin in doses that is sufficient to actually cause neurological effects. It is possible that all ...
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