Relief and hope as parents watch separated twins' recovery

Relief and hope as parents watch separated twins' recovery

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With the movement of an arm, a fluttering of the eyes, 13-month-old Jadon and Anias McDonald are showing progress after 27-hour surgery to separate them.
19 Oct 2016 - General
Awwww!! Thanks Tahira Nawaz for sharing this article! I have read the story of this conjoined twins prior their operation. And i am glad that they are both safe after their 27 long agonizing surgery. I just hope that they will progress towards good state. I was touched the way they trust God. I even cried together with them as they wished and hoped that their twins will be safe right after the seperation surgery....
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27 hours would be relatively fast compared to other separation surgeries that have been cited in literature. I am sure that everything was put into consideration prior to carrying out this rare kind of surgery. Although it was not mentioned, one of the most important factors to consider in deciding on the operability of craniopagus twins would be the anatomical separation of their individual vascular supplies. I hope that both have separate blood supplies so nobody suffers from the consequences...
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The separation of both boys successfully is the ray of hope for the parents about their sons. Jadon and Anias are two brothers who born joined at the head. They are 13 months old and a perfect team of Doctors has performed 27 hours operating procedures to separate the conjoined twins. Parents are very satisfied and they felt a relief after the long period by watching their independent sons. Both children have different surgery duration and both have the different medical condition before this ex...
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