Infographic: Nobel Prize winners for medicine across 115 years

Infographic: Nobel Prize winners for medicine across 115 years

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In light of the recent 2016 Nobel Laureate announcements, we bring you a pictorial description of several prominent Nobel laureates for medicine in the Nobel prizes throughout the years.
19 Oct 2016 - General
Thanks for the amazing article. It is very comprehensive and has put the information nicely in a graphical way so reading is not at all boring. All of these new discoveries helped to shape the science of medicine as it is now. I can't say that one discovery is more important than the other, but personally I think the discovery of penicillin really did change the world in a huge way. Before the age of antibiotics many lives were lost dur\e to bacterial infection. Even the mildest infection co...
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What an effort to fill in a comprehensive history of the people who have contributed a lot into the world of science. Thanks to all the people who have contributed and sacrificed a lot just to derive to what we have right now. For without them, I just couldn't imagine how we can function in the world most especially in the medical field. I hope there will be more brilliant people out there to discover the impossible. Who knows, one of the people in the community will soon be awarded and adde...
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The article is quite informative. Robert Koch's postulate that is the gold standard in microbiology and every medical student comes across this man's name during the medical study. Such discoveries and research lead to the establishment of theories and principles that revolutionise the world of medicine. The medical world today is the result of the hard work and endeavours of these Nobel Laureates. They work day and night and the world gets to the tremendous results that help to improve...
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Alex Ngai nobel prize winners are the leaders of the world and the rescuers of the all populations over the world.
They are away from selfishness as they dedicated their lives,time and efforts to find what protect and help people.
I can't imagine how much they did to reach a discovery and how many years they spent trying and experiencing ups and downs.
If everyone was faithful in his field , we wi...
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