HITF suggests more transparency to prevent hikes in IPs and healthcare costs in Singapore

HITF suggests more transparency to prevent hikes in IPs and healthcare costs in Singapore

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The moratorium on freezing the Integrated Shield Plan (IP) premiums is set to end on 31 October and around 1.5 million policyholders are expected to face premium hikes for health insurance.
19 Oct 2016 - General
Health insurances are just everywhere nowadays. And the price hike from 9% to 15% is really high for the people! This is also a positive step to control the misusage of insurances. As what I can notice, almost most of the working people who are admitted have their own insurance even those who are not. For me it is really helpful to have these health insurances to ensure the coverage of our hospitalization in the long run. If you are going to cover an amount for you bills not being covered, it wi...
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Alex Ngai there are an obvious increase in the prices over the world due to drops in the economy , i don't mind if they increase the cost but the government should increase the a income of employees and keep the level of the health services perfect.
In some countries the cost of everything is raised and add to that the services is going to subzero level.
The steps mentioned are very effective I totall...
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15% hike in insurance fees is a pretty large amount. I agree with the steps mentioned in this article to prevent such hikes in the insurance premiums. The most important among them are the education of the consumers and giving some financial responsibility to the people. Preventive methods are important in managing any disease. If any country invests in promoting the preventive measures and indulging the citizens in such steps, then it can definitely reduce the disease burden and also indirectly...
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