What Cancer Patients Need Badly Post-Surgery

What Cancer Patients Need Badly Post-Surgery

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Cancer can wreck a person’s body and inner will. Support and affection can help them to get heal from this deadly disease. Many bowel cancer patients are experiencing a lack of affection, emotional and practical support
19 Oct 2016 - General
Now this made me emotional remembering my grandmother who suffered from breast cancer and passed away when I was on highschool. I was too regretful for not giving her the full support I am giving to my patients now being a nurse. I failed to realize that I could have done even better for her emotional recovery. But well it's too late and we can never get back wasted time. All of the people hospitalized really needs the support they need not only those who are terminally ill or post operative...
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"Patients lacking emotional support are three times more likely to experience clinical depression" This is a very important and serious statement. Depression is fairly commonly seen among patients who are undergoing treatment for cancer, and we generalize these depressive symptoms as insignificant. But according to the article, adequate emotional support to go through the hardship of chemotherapy can actually change the life of the individuals. Cancer patients are already fed up with l...
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Whether the patient is terminally-ill or not, anybody who goes through surgery should have the benefit of social support. It would be very hard to go through these things when you're feeling alone. Many factors contribute to healing from an illness, and I think that the most important factor of all is the patient's mindset toward his/her illness. This can be easily affected by the care of a family member or a set of friends. I remember a patient who's very scared of going through bra...
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Cancer patients don’t require only physical treatment but they also require mental treatment. Cancer patients lose their will power and positivity due to the worst nature of this deadly disease. Many patients experience loneliness and emotional disturbance, therefore, affection, physical and practical support is very crucial for cancer patients. Depression and mental illness are a consequence for cancer patients if they don’t get a complete care and support by family members and society. It is v...
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