More negativity in science is needed

More negativity in science is needed

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Positive scientific findings have been found to be more appealing to readers and gain more media coverage. But negative findings are equally important, so why aren't they included?
20 Oct 2016 - General
There will always be discrimination and inequality everywhere. To maintain the balance, researches with negative results is also worthy having a page in the most highly respected journals, isn't it? Not only those with the positive results but also the showing the other side will keep the balance. Can you ever think that before deriving to the positive results of the successful publications came from the negative researches? Scientist may have never tried to do further research and strive if...
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The race of scientific findings is only toward positivity while missing important scenario negativity. The negative results of any research don’t mean that it has been failed but it means it has another side of aspects. Scientists only like positivity and they just show positive results in their research papers and journals because all International journals only publish positive outcomes of the research and grants are provided to high impact journals. Therefore in order to change this trend sci...
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