Modification is secret to satisfying diet for persons with diabetes

Modification is secret to satisfying diet for persons with diabetes

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A person with diabetes is not doomed to a life of restrictive diet and bland food. And they don't have to give up their favourite foods. Managing diabetes does mean being conscientious about what you eat, but it does not necessarily mean having to give up foods that bring happiness. The secret is modification.
20 Oct 2016 - General
Modifications are good, Only for a good purpose. We need to educate our patients and relatives on the importance of modifying their diet plans and routines of daily living. Rest assured, hopefully, no one gets worst. But most of the time it is a success. Diabetes is an illness that is only able to be controlled via your diet plans and exercise. Most of the time, people diagnosed with diabetes, rely purely on medications and do not take actions to modify their diet plans and increase frequency in...
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Actually in Sri Lanka what we practice as the very first step in managing and controlling diabetes mellitus is dietary modification. Pharmacological management comes second if the patient still develops the complication of diabetes mellitus or if the patient is still having high blood sugar levels. It is well known that weight reduction will itself control the disease and prevent complications. So my opinion is dietary modification is a must for diabetic patients. Modification and quitting are t...
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