Men Too Are Prone To Breast Cancer

Men Too Are Prone To Breast Cancer

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Men have breast tissue, which means they can get breast cancer like women. Even though men do not have breasts like women, they do have a small amount of breast tissue. The breasts of an adult
20 Oct 2016 - General
"Men too are prone to breast cancer" Yes. And I guess it would be helpful if health professionals, Cancer organisations, research groups, etc should include the awareness that men can have breast cancer too and that this disease is not only limited to women. This can be a rare occurrence but it would be helpful if the public knows, especially the male population, that they too are at risk of Breast Cancer. Social media would be one of the best tool to disseminate information such as t...
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MOst of the general public are unaware that breast cancer is something that men have to be cautious of too. COmpared to the number of breast cancer reported in women, the number of male breast cancer is very small, and in my career I have not encountered a male patient with breast malignancy, but that doesn't mean that men are breast cancer proof. Same as in women, whenever someone notices any abnormality in the breast, like a nodule, skin tethering, nipple discharge or irregularity one shou...
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