Why are you so slow?

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21 Oct 2016 - General

I don't know if anyone else would share this same feeling of frustration. I just want to share that I feel impatient and frustrated at times looking at the MIMS community page loading so slow. The other websites would load perfectly fine but with MIMS community, it just takes forever. I know there was a similar topic posted before and I thought the team (software/ IT) would make changes to this issue but it looks like it hasn't changed since. 

To be honest, my visits to MIMS community has reduced only because it takes ages to load. Jumping from one topic to another, posting a comment and going back to home page takes a whole lot of time. 

To MIMS community team, I hope that we can see some improvement soon. Thanks

Kathleen Peralta Ditto! The slow loading of webpage has been occurring since the start of October. Marinelle Castro is right. The webpage cannot handle web traffic because slowing down of website loading usually occurs at night. I had to visit the community at early morning in order to see the fresh exchange of information between...
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