Skills we need to stay employable and competitive

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21 Oct 2016 - General
  1. Complex problem solving
  2. Critical thinking
  3. Creativity
  4. Managing people
  5. Coordinating with others

What is common among all these skills is that they all involve working in teams to accomplish tasks. Using a trans-disciplinary lens to solve complex problems will become the norm. Being terrific at your job will be a minimum requirement in the digital world. Being that professional who every team wants to work with will be the yardstick of a successful professional. Being able to reframe a problem will become such a key skill. Complex problems can be solved by combining creativity and critical thinking. No matter what the idea is, success lies in implementing ideas. That means working with people by making them see the value in the idea. Helping them feel included and valued. The brightest ideas fail when the people do not feel a sense of ownership of the ideas.

Great post you have here, Alan Rosmadi . The list are all necessary to stay relevant in the workplace. Snappy critical thinking and problem troubleshooting are always important assets to preserve. Creativity is a must because we must play with the cards we are dealt with. Relationships with other people are very important in keeping a workplace running smoothly. If you cannot agree on a lot of things with a co-wo...
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