What makes a great surgeon in the patient's eyes

What makes a great surgeon in the patient's eyes

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No matter what surgeons think about themselves and their skills, it is the patient’s opinion that matters at the end of the day. So, what makes a great surgeon according to the patient?
21 Oct 2016 - General
As the health care professionals we know that the skills of a surgeon will decide whether the surgeon is clever or not. But in a patient's view it comes different. Since I am working in a surgical unit in a paediatric hospital in Sri Lanka, I have some experiences on it. Our consultant is not much talkative but has good clinical and surgical skills. The success rate is also remaining at a high level. But the patients think that he is not much clever. Some other consultants are not skilled bu...
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A surgeon's demeanor brushes the fine line of arrogance and confidence. The really great ones master not crossing this line. They are good at explaining the patient's state and their prognosis. Surgery is indeed a very special field because one has to adapt to anatomic variants inside the operating room. There is simply no way that you can prepare perfectly for every surgical case and a "handler" can manage adapting to possible road blocks to a successful surgical procedure. Th...
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I have been a patient and I have gone through two surgeries. I must admit that even if I am a healthcare professional, I have fears of having complications. Actually its worse when you also work in the field of surgery, because you are aware of what can go wrong. One of the things that I liked about my surgeons was his demeanor. He was calm, collected, and he explained to me everything that I needed to know. He also provided gentle reassurance that he will do his best to make my surgery a succes...
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Patients undergoing surgeries usually feel very vulnerable and of course the relationship with their surgeon is very important. The skill of the surgeon is indeed crucial and should not be undermined. However, it is also very important that the surgeon takes the time to listen to the patients and understand their expectations for surgery and also takes the time to help them understand everything that is involved with surgery. Patients need to feel comfortable with him/her and must genuinely like...
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