Armed police guard hospitals to prevent violence against doctors by patients in China

Armed police guard hospitals to prevent violence against doctors by patients in China

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The Chinese government has ordered armed police to guard and prevent assaults on health providers with instructions to “use weapons against potential attackers if necessary.”
21 Oct 2016 - General
I did not know that the situation for healthcare workers is that terrible in China. It would be difficult to imagine the irony of saving lives and at the same time, having to live with the fear of losing your own life because of it. This sounds like a medical apocalypse, and the cycle will just worsen because few people would want to work in the healthcare industry because of healthcare issues. In our country, we also have fewer medical specialists with limited resources. In fact most people in ...
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This is quite alarming for the safety of all healthcare professionals. Thinking that doctors and all healthcare professionals just wanted to treat you from the best will that they can. It is really disappointing that they are already helping for the good of its people but in the end they are the ones getting hurt. So far, here in my country i haven't heard of any misconduct of the patient or its significant others. Because significant others, If they find any doubt to...
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It is getting very serious there in Chine by using armed police guarding the doctors. One of the most difficult situations that physicians face is being threatened, abused, or physically harmed by one of their patients. This is not an uncommon problem in many countries. Of course this should be the right response to any deadly attack on the health personnel. It is very worrying when you have to work with that threatening feeling in the air. There should be other steps taken to ensure the qualit...
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