Pharmacists and work related injuries

Pharmacists and work related injuries

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Pharmacists face various risks to work related injuries due to the nature of the profession. These are some of these common work related injuries (WRI) that are being under reported each year. Are you a silent sufferer of these work related injuries?
21 Oct 2016 - General
Some more tips for preventing repetitive work-related injuries. To prevent eye strain, follow the rule of 20. For every 20 minutes of computer work, focus your sight to an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Also, try to consciously blink once in a while. people don't blink when staring at an object for too long and this devoids the eye of lubrication. To prevent strain from lifting heavy objects, always carry the object near the body to prevent excessive lumbar spine strain. Use the knees a...
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Heena Pohani Thanking you for sharing your experiences in Dentistry like eye sight problems and neck and back pain. No pain that we no gain but these occupational hazards are due to our errors that which we can terminate with easy tips as stated in the article. And as per your view this is very useful for healthcare and non healthcare professionals to which I am agreeing. One should take care of their working st...
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Occupational hazards and work injuries should be taken care of very effectively and preventive measures should be done to avoid them. In dentistry also some of the occupational hazards include poor eyesight or eyestrain due to improper illumination of the work area, neck and back pain due to working in improper chair position and doing the dental procedures with the improper patient position. This article mentions the work injuries for pharmacists and this article will definitely be helpful for ...
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