A snapshot of community pharmacy in Malaysia

A snapshot of community pharmacy in Malaysia

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The pharmacy sector in Malaysia can be largely separated into two divisions: the public sector, and the private community pharmacy. This article will focus on community pharmacists, and provide an overview of this sector in Malaysia.
21 Oct 2016 - General
Reading the article, I found it surprising that there was a lack of community pharmacists in Malaysia in relation to the general population. I wonder what the status is here in the Philippines, though I do think that there are more pharmacists here than in Malaysia. Also, similar to the lack of pharmacy zoning areas in Malaysia, the Philippines also has an uneven distribution of community pharmacies. In bigger towns and cities, pharmacies can be seen almost side by side, while in more remote are...
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All along I thought that pharmacists , well majority of them belonged to the private sector, with the very exception of a few who work in government hospitals. I think that Malaysians are still lucky that they have community pharmacists on board. This would still ensure safer and appropriate drug intake. I find it unfair though that community pharmacists have a lot of restrictions as opposed to private-sector employed pharmacists. This would discourage younger pharmacists from pursuing the care...
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The Pharmacy sector is divided into two divisions, public sectors, and private community pharmacy. Pharmacy profession has less age than the medical profession, therefore, it is taking more time to have a perfect pharmacist to population ratio. Currently, although community pharmacist’s number has been raised but still the pharmacist to population ratio in Malaysia is less than the required. The number of medical stores is also small in Malaysia against the greater increase in population. Howeve...
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