Cart fill drug distribution system

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21 Oct 2016 - General

Appropriate and safe distribution of medications to the patients is an integral responsibility of the hospital pharmacy. Prescription review before dispensing the prescribed medicines and medication usage counseling by pharmacist ensure high amount of patient safety. International studies have acknowledged cart fill method of drug distribution as an efficient method in supplying correct medication in right quantity without medication related problems.


I hope we can have this kind of system in our local practice. We use to fill in our emergency cart manually and giving medications to patients manually too. I know from other countries they get to have this sort of a bar code wherein they need to scan and the right medication is being dispensed to them. There is a team who constantly check the availabilty and correctness of the medications being stored. Human as we are, we are prone to commiting errors too. That is why it's always safer to h...
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This method was introduced to us in the early 2000s where drugs were kept in a cart and pushed from patient to patient. It is relatively an efficient method to avoid medication errors but to a certain extent. Drugs would still be double checked upon dispensing in order to avoid errors. What could go wrong is, while topping up drugs into the cart, Someone might have placed the wrong drug into the wrong drawer which can end up in a error while dispensing without proper checks done. Medication disp...
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There is finally a discussion on how to ensure that patients get the appropriate medications. In the hospital, this is commonly a problem when nurses are overwhelmed by the number of medicines to dispense to patients. Human error is expected especially when the ward is short of staff. Reviewing prescription and dosage of medications is a must since everything should ideally be counterchecked. A good example would be prescription of statins. A 10mg tablet of rosuvastatin is equivalent to 20mg of ...
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