How doctors may inadvertently influence patients’ decisions on the HPV vaccine

How doctors may inadvertently influence patients’ decisions on the HPV vaccine

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A study by the U.S. Center for Disease Control underlines the importance of the communication between healthcare providers and patients in ensuring the use of HPV vaccinations as a preventive measure for cancer.
22 Oct 2016 - General
Priscilla Mae Gobuyan Anyone who has ever had a life-threatening allergic reaction to yeast, to any other component of HPV vaccine, or to a previous dose of HPV vaccine should not get the vaccine. Tell your doctor if the person getting the vaccine has any severe allergies. 
Pregnant women should not get the vaccine. The vaccine appears to be safe for both the mother and the unborn baby, but it is st...
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Definitely there have been quite a few misconceptions on the HPV vaccine especially on who should get it and when. According to the CDC in females it is up to age 26 and men to age 21 but even if individuals are older and are already sexually active they can have the vaccine. HPV vaccine is normally advised in men with weakened immune systems and those who are gay or bisexual. The article seems to suggest otherwise but I wouldn't disagree with it as it is meant to be protective in nature. Th...
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As what has the global burden of diseases has recently updated, most of the population nowadays die from non communicable diseases which includes cancer. Cervical cancer considered as one of the single most preventable cancer if detected earlier should not be taken for granted. Having the vaccination against HPV does not only restrict to women but also men. I think this is something that needs to be spread across to correct the misconception that HPV vaccinations are only for women. Doctors has ...
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