Are You Aware Of Your Smartphone Emitting Over 100 Toxic Gases?

Are You Aware Of Your Smartphone Emitting Over 100 Toxic Gases?

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A fully charged battery will release more toxic gases than a battery with 50 per cent charge. The chemicals contained in the batteries and their capacity to release charge also affected the concentrations and types
22 Oct 2016 - General
Overcharging, undercharging, extreme temperatures, these are all variables that can shorten the life of your lithium-ion battery (used in iPhones and Androids). In order to extend the life of your battery, you'll want to use the 40-80 rule whenever you can.
The rule goes as follows: First, stop charging your batteries from 0 to 100 percent in one sitting. This isn't as efficient as you may think. Instead, keep your battery life somewhere between 40 percent and 80 percent. This ensure...
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This is really concerning news since most smartphones carry lithium-ion batteries due to better battery life. What was not understood before is the health hazards carried by these super batteries that emit toxic substances. Carbon monoxide was the most notorious among the toxic substances but I wish they also released the list of the other toxic gases involved. As for Priscilla Mae Gobuyan , some propose that not...
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As we all know that all electronic devices have health-related negative outcomes. Smartphone and tablets are also harmful to the health because they contain lithium ion batteries and carbon monoxide batteries. Scientists have identified that such batteries are capable of producing 100 different types of harmful gasses causing severe skin, eyes and nasal passage irritation along with damage to the wider environment. It is advised to use new and original charges to charge smartphones and doesn'...
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Madhubabu kaaja Yes I do agree, this report can also be linked to that recent explosion of Samsung Galaxy 7 phone. Each electronic device is capable to cause harm to people if not taken cared of properly. Just like for simple usage of charger. Due to the rise of affordable non original chargers nowadays, we get to plug them in to our devices without knowing this can cause any harmful effects to us. So after readi...
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Fedelic Ashish Toppo Dear Fedelic, it is evident that it is link to smart phone explosion recently Samsung galaxy note 7. It is relatively new study about the release of about 100 gases from Li ion battery. They found carbon monoxide and other toxic gases which causing serious health effects. My view about it is an alternative to Li battery should be uses in all the rechargeable batteries not only in smart phones...
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