Scared of the dentist? It's in your genes

Scared of the dentist? It's in your genes

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Around 15% of people describe themselves as being afraid of the dentist.
22 Oct 2016 - General
This research is based on a dentist related fear that is in our genes and may predispose us to be susceptible to develop fear. It is found that it may be due to pain-related variables and dental care related fear. This study shows that there are more chances to have genetically-related fear in case of dental consultation than environmental factors. I don’t know whether this research will be successful or not but I don’t have Dentist related fear, may be it is not in my genes. Luckily I have best...
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Having a regular visit and check up with a dentist can ensure our dental health is well taking care of. But, is anyone out there enjoy and looking forward to go for a dentist appointment?? I am surely not looking forward to any of the dental appointment. The dental chair, the metal piece of dental equipment, and the pair of dentist’s hand can be daunting!! Sitting on the dental chair, anticipating the coming dental procedure can be palpitating. It seems like the dental dear, the fear of pain c...
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