Philippines struggles with renal disease

Philippines struggles with renal disease

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The number of chronic kidney disease cases has Philippine health officials worried. While not the top cause of death or disease in the country, renal disorders still rank among the top 10. Its heaviest burdens are on function and finances, making it a slow, silent killer disease.
22 Oct 2016 - General
The struggle to have this disease was really a big burden not only on financial status of a patient but also with the function of the body that are affected. Renal disorder still rank among the top cause of death and disease here in the Philippines yet Filipinos are still reluctant on their lifestyle habits... If we only knew how to prevent ourselves from eating too much and make ourselves active in doing exercise, self regulation will always be a good step in preventing lifestyle diseases. It ...
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Just like Lianne, I have known some of my friends and distant relatives that one of their family has CKD too where dialysis is needed. It was really difficult for the family to overcome such. Especially when the family has no source of big income. This kind of disease needs a big financial support since every session of dialysis needs a big amount of money. I remember one patient who happened to be our distant relative, all of the things and money the patient have earned ...
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I have a soft spot for patients with renal disease due to personal reasons. When I was a general surgery student, I have encountered a lot of patients who needed emergency vascular access for renal replacement therapy. I see their pain and discomfort whenever we clean or access their dialysis catheters. Those who are on fistula are not spared from this because it is accessed via needle puncture. Most patients with CKD undergo dialysis three times a week, and I admire their resilience to countles...
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I have heard of a good number of cases of people I know or their family member or friend undergoing dialysis. And coming to think of it, hearing about it has become more common than before when dialysis was a quite a rare occurrence. Every time I hear about someone undergoing renal dialysis, my heart goes out to the patient and family due to the burden they have to endure, not only physically and emotionally, but financially as well. Each dialysis session costs a few thousands of pesos, and this...
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