Onions help to reduce the progression of ovarian cancers!

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23 Oct 2016 - General

Onions are known to have less calories and more vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. The previous studies have found that onion reduces the risk of having cancers and helps in depression. A new study has revealed that onions have an anti cancer effct for ovarian cancers. They have found that the natural compound in onions which is called as onion A has an effect on epithelium ovarian cancer cells on their pre-clinical stages. This compound is found to cause suppression of the proliferation of tumour cells and have an effect of tumour associated macrophages in helping the direct cytotoxicity against the cancer cells. So another benefit of onion has been recovered.

Onions add so much flavor to the food it is cooked with so it is an essential part in everyday meals around the world. The health benefits that onions are said to have are an added bonus to the value it already brings to food as means of taste. It is good to know that onion has a suppresive effect on ovarian cell tumors. Of we can prove the effect scientifically and then isolate the chemical compound that is responsible for this effect, it could potentially be developed in to a drug to treat ova...
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Onions are very nutritious vegetables having antibacterial, anti-viral effects. It has a tendency to lower LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol levels. It stimulates the immunity by increasing the production of natural killer immune cells in the body. Onions are also effective in lowering blood pressure, detoxification of blood, improve blood flow and prevent the hardening of arteries. This new research has shown that the natural compound in onions has anti-cancer properties against ovar...
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Onions are present strongly in almost all cuisines on earth. It is a main ingredient for various types of delicious dishes. For centuries, onions have been used to reduce inflammation and heal infections. A powerful compound called quercetin in onions is known to play a significant role in preventing cancer. The phytochemicals in onions along with their vitamin C help improve immunity. One large raw onion has only 63 calories, is made up of more than a cup of water, and provides up to 20% of you...
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