Ambient air pollution could increase risk of central retinal artery occlusion

Ambient air pollution could increase risk of central retinal artery occlusion

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Air pollution exposure may contribute to the onset of central retinal artery occlusion, particularly in patients with diabetes or hypertension and those older than 65 years, a new study suggests.
23 Oct 2016 - General
The nature is being pushed towards its limits. There is a natural process of purification of air, but when the rate of adding pollutants to the atmosphere and the damage that the humans are causing is greater than the capacity of the nature to reverse, it invariably leads to huge problems not only to the humans, but also for the entire ecosystem. Now the damage we have done is too extensive to completely reverse, and the health problems associated with it are here to stay. We need more research ...
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Air pollution is a great problem nowadays. With the progression of industrialization, the air is being polluted dangerously. The increased number of vehicles, chemical industries are mainly responsible for this. In many cities of south east asian region, the industrial area is closely located with residential area. The number of trees is also reduced. So the air in this area is highly polluted. Not only the CRAO, many respiratory diseases are caused by polluted air. However, CRAO is a complica...
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Indeed no place nowadays is safe than the mountains. Having this information means that we are all at risk of developing central retinal artery occlusion. Though this is prevalent in patients who are already diabetic which also at risk for retinal retinopathy, it is just like adding additional burden for them too. Is using face mask can help the patients at least lessen the inhalation of pollution? I am curious about what type of mask shall we wear then. Ordinary masks, N95, air masks or what? I...
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