Why is there a need for doctors to be organised?

Why is there a need for doctors to be organised?

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Being a doctor is more than treating a patient, you have to follow up with a lot of patients, make sure that every procedure is on track, supervise trainees/junior doctors, do administrative work, attend various meetings and have many other things to attend to.
23 Oct 2016 - General
Being organised is one way of fulfilling your task whether it is related to your career or with your family occassions. It is always better to balance your time with work and family. And setting your appointment ahead of time is like prioritizing what task should be done first. You are not only saving time from thinking on what to do next but you are also maximazing your time spent with your family. There is no pressure in between and if there is an emergency you can even...
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I think this is not limited to doctors, but also to everyone who works in the healthcare industry. We need to be organized in order to maximize our resources and time for productivity. Its always good to be a few steps ahead so that you can plan ahead of time and avoid last minute changes that will make you less productive. However, based on experience, one should also give time for spontaneous things to happen. There was a point that I became too organized that I did not leave much room for spo...
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All doctors have to be aware of the principles of effective management and to work cohesively in multidisciplinary teams. They must be able to manage variety of resources, play a role in setting and developing priorities, and take the lead in improving the provision of health care within their practice. As qualified doctors, they are likely to have developed good organisational skills during their training. In a high pressure, these skills will be ever more important and it is wise to develop th...
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