Effects Of Adverse Childhood Events

Effects Of Adverse Childhood Events

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Any adverse event in childhood may have a short-term affect on a child's health and weight in early days as well finds a study. Household dysfunction affects children's weight early in childhood, abuse and neglect affect
23 Oct 2016 - General
The behavior of children is highly affected by the social and family environment. The environment, in which a child grows up, the interaction with family and friends, will determine his behavior and personality. Any adverse event in childhood and teenage, may have serious effects on mind. Improper care, lack of love and affection, mental or physical torture etc may have serious impact on body and mind. The relationship of the parents and other family members is a sensitive issue for children. If...
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The behaviour of a child will always lead you back to where and who brought up the child. It is really important to teach or correct the child in a proper way. I guess, mistreating or abusing the child will only cause them mentally and emotionally vulnerable. It is better to talk and empathized with the feeling of the child. In order for you to understand why the child behave something different. The child should be surrounded with a happy vibes and a reward system. Where something desirable act...
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Mother’s lap is the first learning institute for a child so the family bindings at home are crucial for brought up of a child. Family environment at home has a great impact on the mental and physical states of a child. This research has shown that household dysfunction greatly affects the weight and health of a child leading to an increased risk of asthma, infection, somatic complaints and sleep disruption. It is important to note what is going in the brains and bodies of our children related to...
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Neglect and abuse are very serious issues in children and teens. Many childhood events may contribute to affecting the physical, mental health of the child. Divorced parents, frequent shifting of house or school, family fights and physical abuse or even verbal abuse affects the growth of the child. One of the factor that I want to highlight is verbal abuse. In India, many parents work hard to give their children good education, food and to fulfill their necessities. But during the course of time...
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