Can Mental Illness Be Prevented In The Womb?

Can Mental Illness Be Prevented In The Womb?

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Researchers are exploring changes in prenatal nutrition to lower risks for future mental disorders. The work is preliminary, but there is ample precedent for maternal diet affecting children's health.
23 Oct 2016 - General
I have a different take on this issue. Preventive medicine is a very important aspect of healthcare. However, how can you prevent disease entities with undiscovered etiologies? Mental health illnesses that were mentioned in the article - ADHD, Conduct disorder and Schizophrenia have unclear causative factors at present, and it would be very difficult for me to imagine that taking supplements of a ubiquitous macronutrient will help in preventing these diseases. First of all, is there an associati...
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The findings from the study are quite interesting, especially now since I am expecting my first child. Choline has been found to help in brain and nervous system development, so it is an essential nutrient in pregnancy. I’ve read somewhere that it is also found in breast milk, but of course its amount is correlated to a mother’s intake of choline and choline-rich foods. Good to know too that choline can easily be found in most foods like eggs, seafood and meat. Hopefully, research about its prev...
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It is a good article about pregnant women’s supplementation and it is helpful for nutritional requirements of infant and mother. It is a general practice that pregnant women take nutrient supplements either prescribed or non-prescribed from the start of pregnancy. Calcium, Iodine and folate supplement intake in the pregnancy is good for healthy brain and body development of the fetus. This research has shown that for better fetal brain development, choline intake is crucial. A research is carrie...
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Many pregnant women take prenatal vitamin supplements to prevent the occurrence of diseases in the newborn. However, fewer women pay attention to the mental health of the growing fetus. This article suggests the use of vitamin B choline to promote the mental wellbeing of the fetus. With the increase of the occurrence of mental illness which have a genetic etiologic factor, it is essential to do prenatal tests for mental diseases also. The incidence of ADHD, schizophrenia is increasing and such s...
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