Inflammation triggers unsustainable immune response to chronic viral infection

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23 Oct 2016 - General
This is a pretty interesting find. According to the current knowledge what we know is, when the inflammatory reaction is the highest at the first contact with an ineffective agent, the acquired immunity develops best. This happens because the higher the immune reaction the more memory B cells are activated. If what these researchers have discovered is true, to help the development of adequate immunity and antibody production to chronic viral infections such as HIV and hepatitis, as first line tr...
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Every new day new research comes on the way proving that scientists and researchers are working hard for the betterment of human’s quality and quality of life. A new research carried out at the University of Basel, Department of Biomedicine that reports the inadequate response of antibodies to chronic viral diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C is basically due to strong inflammatory response upon infection. The immune response is highest when HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis C infection is started but it g...
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