What to expect from pre-med degrees

What to expect from pre-med degrees

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Premed programmes are as equally important as the medicine course itself. It won't necessarily make med school a walk in the park but it does present some advantages for students. So which premed programme will help in surviving medical school?
24 Oct 2016 - General
We do not have a proper pre med course before entering the medical faculty in Sri Lanka. We sit for the final advanced level examination, which i think is equivalent to being graduated from college and then we straight away enter the medical school after about one year. There are several private institutions that conduct pre medicine courses but they are not well recognized and popular, and mostly what they do is familiarize the students with the first year medical terminology. IS the situation ...
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Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan Every pre-med course has its advantages and disadvantages. I took up BS Medical Technology for my pre-med course. It came highly recommended from friends who are working in the healthcare industry. But to be honest, during that time I really did not know what it was all about. Later on, I discovered that it really is a good preparatory course for medicine. For one, it covers the most ...
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Reading this article was quite interesting. I have talked to some of my doctor friends, and some previous students who took up medicine, and they say that one’s premed course may play a role in how well you can cope in medical school. They would mention that taking a course like Medical Technology, Nursing or Pharmacy would be a good bet. Sure, I think that those who take up allied health courses would be better prepared for medical school, especially having been used to taking up medicine-relat...
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