The 6 most popular medical specialisations in Singapore

The 6 most popular medical specialisations in Singapore

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There are a total of 12,459 doctors in Singapore and about 38% (or 4,788) of them are specialists. Specialising requires strong commitment from the doctor, as they will need it to continue living and breathing their respective fields for the rest of their career. For the medical student on the cusp of graduation, deciding whether to specialise and which specialisation to go into is no small decision. See these 6 most coveted specialisations in Singapore.
24 Oct 2016 - General
Nowadays Family medicine is also considered to be a specialisation and I would feel that Family Medicine should be the top on the list. With the ageing population in Singapore - Geriatrics, which used to be one of the most unpopulat specialities around, will rise up in the ranks to become more popular. The article mentioned disciplines like ENT, opthalmology and derm. These are disciplines whereby the doctors have a great work-life balance and not much emergencies as compared to disciplines like...
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Informative article! I believe the trend in Singapore is quite unique. I thought that specializations like cardiology, neurology or even orthopedics will be famous. However, the case is quite different. I was wondering whether these specializations chosen by the doctors in Singapore has anything to do with the general trend of diseases in Singapore i.e. are ENT infections more common in Singapore? The healthcare system of any country is incomplete without specialists. I believe, whatever is the ...
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Tahira Nawaz It is good to see top medical specifications in Singapore among all Eye, ENT, Children, Skin, Gynic and surgery and I think these are top trending always with more physicians every where. I want to share about India as per my ranks are follows to general physician, surgeon,gynic, paediatrician are in more and other follow them. Thanking you for sharing information about Singapore medical speciality w...
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Specialization in the medical field is very crucial for the Doctors after graduation. The selection of specialization is really decisive and imperative because it will be the field for whole life. I think a selection of the field for specialization must base on the personal interest in the field along with other factors. Eye and ENT specialization have few chances of emergency and long working hours so it will have a relaxing duty. Obstetrics and gynecology are preferable field for female and it...
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