HSA warns against two local health products after man is hospitalised in Singapore

HSA warns against two local health products after man is hospitalised in Singapore

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The Health Sciences Authority has warned against the use of two local health products that promises easy pain relief, after it was found that they contained six undeclared potent ingredients.
24 Oct 2016 - General
Alex Ngai thank you for sharing this article , dealing with medications should be with complete awareness of its content and side effects and drug interactions, doctors and pharmacists should aware the patients about the side effect and should know if the patients take any other drugs .
Patients shouldn't take any medications without consulting the doctors and the pharmacists shouldn't give any medica...
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I have read multiple cases having adverse effects with the use of certain herbal products. I don’t think that herbal products are truly herbal rather it is the toughest task to search out the pure and real herbal products. In most of the circumstances herbal products have hidden drug ingredients that are very dangerous because patients are unaware of those ingredients. Therefore it is hard to believe the authenticity of herbal products. As mentioned in the post Oyster-x and LifeSparks are claime...
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Alex Ngai Dear Alex, thanking you for alerting all HCP about misbranded drugs. It is good to see OYSTER X promotes blood supply and improving health but containing medicine like viagra how it happens, never and consumption without prescription is not advised. And a patient in 60s using dexamethose like corticosteroid is very toxic to body it is really poor about the situation. Further investigation required on wh...
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