Marigold milk products recalled due to bacterial contamination in Malaysia

Marigold milk products recalled due to bacterial contamination in Malaysia

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Investigations following customer feedback on thicker-than-usual Marigold HL milk revealed that a faulty valve during processing caused bacterial contamination of the product.
24 Oct 2016 - General
Madhubabu kaaja thank you for sharing this article, it gives me hope that there are countries still do their best to save their populations from any big or small harm.
Also, what the factory did although there is lost in its profit , but rescuing people is a priority.
I wish this situation is taken in consideration by all the countries all over the world and by any human being , we should learn and be hone...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz Transparency is most expected in any field Health authority and company are transparent in the event and told about valve problem and about which they are working and they recalled all milk packets. Now the problem rectified and started new batches also additionally added stringent quality control tests and procedures to prevent this type of incidents. Customer should aware of their food for any...
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The transparency and the rapid response by both the authorities and the company deserve to be praised. Packed milk products are usually liable to be contaminated or to be spoiled. That is why it is always important to choose the non-inflated boxes. In case of any unusual physical or chemical alteration, customers should never hesitate to report about it. There may be change in color, taste, odour or even consistency as this case with HL. These changes mean that the drink is unsafe until proved o...
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Alex Ngai Dear Alex, mistakes are likely to happen but they way of counteracting against the error is appreciated about marigold milk products who withdrawn all products from the date of complaint. Tahira Nawaz the contamination is due to a valve in machienary and company fellows trying to rectify so it is evident that all other m...
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Contamination in milk is a serious issue to be addressed because it results from poor quality control management. If milk is tested after mixing and packing it will be obvious that it has contaminations. Marigold HL is well known for milk products and their distribution as it is producing a wide array of milk products including flavored milk (chocolate milk, strawberry milk, plant sterols milk). Contamination was present in chocolate milk that was observed due to an unusual thickness of the milk...
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