The 4 Things Doctors Don't Do

The 4 Things Doctors Don't Do

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Friday, I was in the break room at the hospital scarfing down a power bar between three-hour cases. The truth was, I was multi-tasking: eating, writing on a chart and checking my email in my phone. I...
25 Oct 2016 - General
Yeah, I agree. Our life is different. We don't get a lunch our, not a dinner period. We don't get summer vacation. When everyone is celebrating new year , we are busy to receive new patients. Sometimes, it make us frustrated. Other people are enjoying holidays and we are still working!! But at the end we have some kind of satisfaction. When a patient smiles being cured, it make us happy. People come to us, rely on us. That feelings, when a seriously ill patient tell that he feels better ...
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Reading the article made me smile a little. Reminds me of the daily ins and outs of being a physician. I guess eating power bars is an option. Some doctors don't even eat at all! --- only to binge eat as a group much much later on when they get a free time. I guess in every profession there are advantages and disadvantages. Being part of the healthcare team really makes one privileged to be able to care for people, and touch their lives. Its not an easy job, as described. But in my opinion, ...
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