Autonomous wheelchairs to hit Singapore hospitals by early 2017

Autonomous wheelchairs to hit Singapore hospitals by early 2017

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In a partnership with various healthcare agencies and the government, the idea was first mooted to free up the manpower crunch that has long plagued the healthcare sector.
25 Oct 2016 - General
Alan Rosmadi Thanking you for expressing your cons on the topic. These chairs are secure enough and note not use for emergency care. It consists of tracker to control and monitor thee movement and no probs about stoping. In county like Singapore that to in the world's top health priority hospital assuming GPS failure seems bad, but error may happen hope preliminary precautions measurements loaded with device...
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There are Pros and Cons on this idea, in my point of view. Firstly, we can all have the secure feeling that our family and friends who might require this during their hospital stay, will stay safe. But i have many questions to ask. Like, what is the automated wheelchairs stopped halfway with no help? What is the gps on the wheelchair or walking aid is faulty and undetected? What is the wheelchair go bonkers? What if the patient went into a cardiac arrest during the wheelchair trip and was only n...
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