How to fight stress

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25 Oct 2016 - General

1. Trying calming execises

It is advised that you get to practise yoga, meditation or soft moving exercises to promote on stress healing. 

2. Avoid multi-tasking

Be mindful of what you are feeling every second. If you are eating, just eat. Do one thing at a time, instead of multiple simultaneously. Do take of 10 minutes hourky during work or study, to stretch or walk about. 

3. Practise a good workout

Exercising release endophins or feel-good chemicals in your brain. Choose a manageable exercise. Or an activity that you enjoy. This usually increases your heart rate and produces the feel-good effect.

4. Do not skip meals and eat healthy

Skipping meals are unhealthy as it results to lowering your blood sugar level, keeps you lacking with nutrients and worsen you stress levels. It is best to target to have 4 to 6 small meals throughout the day. Secondly, make healthy choices in food consumption as processed food can actually aggrevate our stress levels. Pick fresh vegetables, meat and fruits, or using healthy oil, leaving you with a healthy state of mind and body.


Thanks for sharing these tips in the community Alan Rosmadi ! I bet almost all of us are guilty the most with numbers 2 and 4. Number 2 because as we know health care professionals are good at multitasking. Working at the same time, receiving multiple information coming everyone and/or the same time writing and/or eating and so much more activities. As to skipping meals, we can never avoid that we always skip mea...
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Great suggestions! De-stressing manuevers for me are - doing a new exercise regimen, sleeping, watching a feel-good movie, reading a great book, painting, music and having a warm bath. I think that doing a new form of exercise is similar to meditating because it keeps your mind off other things, and it makes you fully aware of your movements, breathing and the like. Sometimes we mistake stress from being too tired, and were too stressed or tired to even figure it out! So when that time comes, I ...
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Stress is an important etiologic factor of many prevalent diseases of this era. It is crucial to take effective steps for the management of stress. The tips mentioned in this article will surely be helpful. I believe one can also try out TALK therapy and MUSIC therapy. In many cases, talking to someone can help to relieve the stress and tension. One should try to open up and share the feelings with some loved one or can even go to a counselor. Moreover, music also plays an important role in reli...
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Thank you for the good tips. Stress and its related diseases are very very common nowadays. The modern lifestyle has affected the young and the old. In school environment, stress levels are higher than ever as everyone is competing to get higher marks and lead a better future. Although some minimal levels of stress can contribute in a better intellectual and physical performance, excessive exposure to stress leads to many problems. It actually reduces mental concentration and consequently affect...
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