Strategies to minimise medication errors in the pharmacy

Strategies to minimise medication errors in the pharmacy

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Medication error prevention is a vital part of pharmacy practice, and medication errors have been found to be one of the leading causes of mortality in developed countries.
25 Oct 2016 - General
It should be every hospital's policy to ensure that the patients are getting the appropriate medication with the right dosage and frequency every time. Pharmacists are in charge of dispensing medications and instructions to both in and outpatients; therefore, the hospital staff should be adequate to handle extra workload. Moreover, a system has to be in place that focuses on meticulously checking drugs that are about to be dispensed. Doctors have to the part by writing legibly on the prescri...
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Medication errors can lead to a fatal reaction. I agree with what has been mentioned that medications should be properly labeled, stocked and organized. Pharmacists should really take time in doing these things in order to keep track of what they do. I remember recently we discussed a case of medication error here in the community. Apparently, the pharmacist dispensed a similar sounding medication compared to what was written. The physicians handwriting was allegedly illegible. In order to circu...
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Tahira Nawaz Errors some times knowingly happens and majority accidentally. Knowingly done mistakes is cause of negligence. We can minimise by raising working staff number to reduce work pressure, providing more work space, comfortable environment and self issuing of medicine without prescription. Pharmacist should keep in mind that medicine dispensing for change the disease but not fate! I want to share one new...
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Very nice and important article. Medication error is a great problem in developing countries. There is lack of well trained pharmacist in many countries. In Bangladesh most of the pharmacy are run unskilled people who are not qualified enough for this job. So sometimes they fail to dispense the correct medicine. As a result many patients are not cured and many of them get harmed by wrong drugs.
Initiative to employ skilled pharmacist is required. And the pharmacist should be careful to find...
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Medication errors are leading cause of mortality in most of the developing and developed countries. Medication error’s prevention is a vital part of pharmacy practice that requires deep care and attention in such sensitive issues. It is the duty of pharmacist to first check the prescription for any interaction and match the clinical illness with the medicine prescribed. Then pharmacist must carefully dispense the right medication to the patient with complete detail regarding dose and dose freque...
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