Lies Start Small And Then They Grow

Lies Start Small And Then They Grow

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New research finds little lies pave the way for big ones. People who tell small, self-serving lies are likely to progress to bigger falsehoods and over time, the brain appears to adapt to the dishonesty. When
25 Oct 2016 - General
A lie will always be a lie. I guess i would agree to this article stating that once you lie the more it triggers you to lie again. This will be really hard if one has his or her probability to lie in their working place. Since in health care industry lying has ni space for our environment. We are all dealing with lives. It is very crucial and important to handle each life with care. That is why it is really important to all health care providers to document every procedure done to avoid any misc...
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That's why it's always important that you do not compromise yourself. Married couples are encouraged to avoid any form of temptation, regardless of how harmless. Like a man should not be alone with another woman and married couples should always travel together, if it is necessary to avoid "temptations". It's the small lies that actually matter because once a person is able to break through one wall, the succeeding walls will be worth nothing. This is true for professional ...
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There is no such thing as a big, small, or white lie. It is an act of dishonesty once a person lies. The mere fact that one distorts the truth suggests a self-serving cause. Repetitive lying will reinforce this very bad habit that has no place in the healthcare system. It could jeopardize patient's health and the welfare of other colleague members. I have a previous working experience with a habitual liar and it is very difficult. This person would fabricate everything , even laboratory resu...
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