Things You Love to do at the Beach

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25 Oct 2016 - General

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The beach is one of the perfect getaway destinations for a well-deserved break from the field of healthcare. One can be rejuvenated easily with a quick day trip or a weeklong stay. During one's stay at the beach, a lot can be done to fill the day with productive fun. Aside from the obvious activities (i.e eating a feast and moderate drinking), there are a lot of activities that I love to do at the beach. They are as follows:

1.) Enjoy the tranquil scene

I just appreciate the beach in its peaceful state. It is the perfect time to clear thoughts and just stare at the sea to the tune of endless waves. Relaxation is as good as it gets.

2.) Have coffee while watching sunrise

Waking up early has its perks. Coffee is significantly better when paired with the sun peaking between mountains. I love to watch the sun paint a golden line over the waters. 

3.) Gaze at clouds and stars

This is one of my favorite childhood activities. It rekindles that childlike sense of wonder as I imagine shapes while gazing through clouds and identifying constellations and that occasional meteor. 

4.) Watersports

Of course, the beach experience is incomplete without trying watersport activities such as jet ski, banana boat, parasailing etc.

5.) Strolling across the shore

Perfect way to spend the afternoon.

For the MIMS community , what are some of the things that you love to do at the beach? 

I love a few things in the beach (1) Drink. Be it coffee, shake juice, cocktail or beer. I love drinking beer by the beach, because the vibe is just perfect. (2) Read. I love to lounge under the sun with a book. I don't always have quiet time to devote with a book so I savor it when I'm in the beach and have nothing else to do. (3) Write. I also love to write in the morning. When I get to wake up early, I take my laptop out and write. Mornings by the beach are perfect. I don't always...
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Madhubabu kaaja Oh playing sports at the beach is really a ton of fun. Playing beach volleyball is a good way for friends to bond at the beach. We once tried to play American football (without the actual yards) and it is very memorable up to this day. Engaging in physical activities, even weight lifting, are more fun to do at the beach. I agree with you that feasting on seafood by the beach is a must-do while on v...
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Heena Pohani I think collecting sea shells is an awesome past time in the beach too. Skipping stones can also be done in the beach as well. It is more challenging to do actually than in still water. I definitely agree with you in celebrating occasions in the beach as well. The beach sets a relaxing vibe where food just tastes a couple times more delicious and music just sounds a ton better. Any moment is best sha...
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Going to my favorite beach and enjoying the vacation is one of the things that I love doing. Some of the interesting things apart from that mentioned in this article that I love doing on the beach is sometimes I collect sea shells. It is a bit childish act, still, I love doing it. Also, it is a nice idea to celebrate the special days in your life like birthday or anniversary at a beach by throwing a small beach party and enjoying the food especially the barbecue with your loved ones. Also, it ca...
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