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25 Oct 2016 - General

Long driving has always felt therapeutic for me. The thought of driving without traffic has always appealed to me. As a bonus, a fresh scenery flanks the long drive to keep one invigorated thoughout the journey. Honestly, I appreciate the long drive of the trip as much as the destination. However, long driving entails focus and discipline. These are things that expectedly disappear with boredom and fatigue. It is therefore important to acknowledge the need for rest and entertainment during the trip. Personally, I use this routine to keep fresh during long trips.

1.) Stopover every two hours

Though one could feel that less stopovers are more tolerable, it is best to have frequent stopovers as it is necessary to stay mentally and physically sharp. The mental part of long driving is even more taxing than the physical aspect since one has to stay focused to ensure a safe trip. Bathroom and caffeine breaks also keep a driver awake and relaxed. Munching on something is also essential to keep hunger pangs, that lead to bad decision-making, away.

2.) Prepare a playlist

Whether it is pop, jazz, rock, alternative, or mainstream, music will keep you in great company during the trip. Listen to the music that you like best to avoid boredom and stay entertained throughout your journey. It also helps in keeping you calm. Preparing a playlist a day or two before the trip guarantees something to keep you company once your loved ones are asleep (a sure scenario). 

3.) Wear comfortable shoes

People don't often talk about shoes when driving is the topic. There are shoes that require extra effort to push the pedals which make them not ideal for long driving. Always pick your favorite shoes for driving when travelling to far places. This lessens fatigue and stress througout the trip.

4.) Prepare smaller bills and coins

Gving the exact change when paying for toll fees will prevent possible delays. This tip comes in handy all the time.

5.) Have ready beverages for everyone

It is always great idea to have drinks for everyone during the trip. Dehydration clouds sound judgment and long driving requires adequate hydration of the driver all the time.

For the MIMS community, what is your routine when driving for long periods? I would love to see your tips. 


Haha. I just took a roadtrip to Baguio last month and I was supposed to write a fun blog about "going on a road trip". You forgot to equip yourself with jokes and stories; and to you remembered the drinks but you didn't bring chips and candy. I also bring a pillow for long drives because I love to sleep in the car. On our Baguio trip, on the way back, there was a pile up going down because there were road constructions---and we were on Waze (the GPS app) and to amuse herself, my fr...
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Great advice for long trips! My husband and I enjoy going on long drives as he claims that it relaxes him. As I am just the passenger, I see to it that he is in a good condition to drive and that he has everything he needs to keep him comfortable during the trip. We do all the tips mentioned above, plus, he prefers to have drank a cold coffee beforehand to keep him alert and focused throughout the trip. I am also in charge of checking out the routes on GPS and giving directions based on this, es...
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Long drives are fun. I usually drive up to Kuala Lumpur, from Singapore whenever i have long off days during weekdays. Avoiding the traffic jam over at the border during weekends. Usually i would wear something i am really comfortable in which are usually a t-shirt and a pair of boardshorts. And lots of coffee and redbull. There are ways where you can also avoid long queues during tolls, such as using the credit card. just by tapping and you can reach you destination earlier then you expect. Usu...
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Heena Pohani I agree that being a passenger is one of the best experiences of travel. One can just sit back, stretch the legs, and sing to heart's content while travelling :)) I really like the idea of having a co-traveller who could take over the duty of driving. It keeps everyone fresh for the destination. A medicine kit always comes in handy especially for cases of allergies. Checking on car engine, tire p...
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Taking a long drive especially with your loved ones and friends is what I love doing. Of course, I enjoy it if someone else is driving and I have to just sit back, relax, enjoy the view and chit-chat. The tips mentioned in this article are quite interesting. I think having good preparations before a long journey through road involves preparation. The favourite one among these is to select a playlist according to the mood or the destination or the taste of co-travellers. Also, what my dad does wh...
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