Stored Blood As Good As Fresh Blood For Patient: Study

Stored Blood As Good As Fresh Blood For Patient: Study

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Using the freshest blood for transfusion may not necessarily improve patients survival rates, Canadian researchers have found. The large international study has finally put an end to the contentious issue about whether stored blood could be
25 Oct 2016 - General
Despite being a country with a population of 1.2 billion, India faces a blood shortage of 3 million units. The problem can be addressed if an additional two percent of Indians donated blood.
Importantly, the need is not only for blood but for "safe blood"
"Safe blood includes all that is available for transfusion.
There are still states lagging because collections from individual Voluntary Blood Donation (VBD) is still very low and the majority of the blood donors are ...
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In Sri Lanka, we don't have access to fresh blood. Well, if one needs fresh blood there is the possibility of finding a donor and arranging fresh blood for transfusion when the need arises, but it is generally not practiced in our hospital. I don't know if our doctors are much aware of the fact that fresh blood is not more beneficial over stored blood. I think it is just because the use of stored blood is easy, readily available and is less expensive. Do your countries blood banks provid...
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