Strong muscle makes the brain also strong!

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26 Oct 2016 - General

A new study led by the University of Sydney has revealed that the increasing muscle strength by the physical activities lead to increased cognitive functions in humans. The researches have found that the activities like weightlifting, body building, athletics and other outdoor sports have the ability of making the muscles strong and hence increase the strength of the cognitive functions. It is found that the people with mild cognitive impairment are prone to have dementia and Alzheimer's disease in the latter life. But these activities are found to have some protective effects from that cognitive defects. Anyhow exercising and increase of the physical activities improve not only the mental health but protect from several metabolic diseases also.

It turns out your sweat sessions are giving you more than just a feel-good endorphin boost, they are giving you an oxygen high to cognitive inhibitory control, which is the ability to exert self-control when faced with a changing environment. This is cognitive ability is crucial during daily activities like driving a car. That is one example. Secondly, Breathing air with a smaller concentration of oxygen, such as at high altitudes, is associated with worse cognitive performance, and the inverse....
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Rajinda Asalage Theekshana Abayawickrama make a note that this study conducted on geriatric with a view the effect of physical excercise on mental fitness to prevent Alzheimer's disease. Research conducted on 100 people who are impaired with cognitive functions. Group with physical excercise found improved cognitive functions t...
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I must have a really weak brain! :D Although personally I feel differently, there must be some scientific grounds behind this claim. Maybe I am biased but in real life what I have seen most often is that people with a strong physical build act less rationally than the ones who are averagely built. Physical exercise can be helpful in keeping a person's mental fitness in check, how it really affects the cognitive function is a bit of a question in my head. Could it be due to the increased prod...
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