WHO to declare being single as a disability related to infertility

WHO to declare being single as a disability related to infertility

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In a dramatic paradigm shift, the World Health Organisation is set to pronounce that all single people without medical issues who want to become a parent but do not have children are "infertile".
26 Oct 2016 - General
This statement of WHO is something short of ridiculous. I think that even without this statement, everyone already has the right to reproduce. Sure, there are gray areas for homosexuals, yet there are homosexual couples who have had children by one means or another. I also agree to Mahmoud AbdelAziz 's comment that the WHO is trying to impose certain cultural values without respecting various diversities in b...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz I was actually one of those who dealt with this issue on social media - using humor of course. Why did I use humor? Because this whole idea of putting a label on single individuals "who cannot find suitable sexual partners" a disability is highly absurd! I'm still laughing in my head thinking about how can WHO come up with such an idea??? First of all, no organization can give &qu...
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This WHO announcement and these news titles have sparked a wave of sarcastic comments over the social media. As many of my friends, boys and girls, are still single and virgin, they felt pity on themselves and expressed this through making jokes about it. I think this kind of policies will feed more the suspicions that international organizations such as WHO are trying to spread certain cultural values regardless of the diversified views on being single, heterosexual or h...
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