The PH diabetes healthcare team

The PH diabetes healthcare team

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Diabetes management is no longer contained in a clinic set-up. it has adapted a more diverse approach with more health professionals from different specializations contributing to the care of a diabetes patient. Learn more as MIMS runs down the members of the diabetes health care team in the Philippines.
26 Oct 2016 - General
Jemar Nicdao I agree with Marinelle Castro 's statement that multidisciplinary approach is needed to combat diabetes. Different fields of expertise are needed to ensure patient compliance. The main cornerstone of diabetes management is dietary changes and exercise; hence, the most important member of the team, the patient, mus...
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Jemar Nicdao A multidisciplinary team approach is very important in the care of diabetes. However, there are some parts of our country, wherein multidisciplinary care is not yet being practiced. Contributory factors include lack of facilities, lack of expertise, poor coordination between experts. Also, there are no podiatrists in the country, patients are usually referred to orthopedists, neurologists, dermatolo...
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