S$3 million granted by Singapore’s MOH for TCM to prove its worth

S$3 million granted by Singapore’s MOH for TCM to prove its worth

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The Ministry of Health has dedicated S$3 million to encourage collaborative clinical research in TCM between Western and Chinese disciplines, but is it enough?
26 Oct 2016 - General
We are fortunate to live in an era wherein evidence-based medicine is being practiced. In this day and age, people have the right to quality healthcare services that is backed up by data that proves it efficacy. Healthcare expenses are very expensive, and people need to know that what they are being given is at par with current standards of care. I agree that its time to prove that there is an evidence to traditional Chinese Medicine. There have been countless success stories that encouraged oth...
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As the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine is increasing day by day, the grant of S $ 3 million funds is a good step ahead for the promotion of Chinese medicines in Singapore. The use of Chinese medicines is more increased in Singapore’s aging society for few common chronic diseases. I think this grant of funds and further focus of Singapore MOH will be helpful in making these medications more reliable and effective for the use at all ages. However, this grant is not sufficient for extensive res...
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