Drugstore app for pharmacy assistants

Drugstore app for pharmacy assistants

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A mobile drugstore app was developed to help provide store pharmacy assistants with common pharmaceutical knowledge to better serve customers.
26 Oct 2016 - General
It is a fabulous development that will lead to perfection of the drug store operation. The drug store association of the Philippines (DSAP) wants more professionalism for pharmacy assistants at the drug store. Therefore they have developed DSAP mobile drug store app that will teach pharmacy store assistants about educational modules on pharmaceutical products knowledge through a series of in-app dispensing activities. When drug store assistants will have profound knowledge regarding dispensing o...
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I think that a drugstore app for pharmacy assistants would be a great development. This would help pharmacy assistants be more knowledgeable about the medications they dispense, plus also assist them if patients and customers have questions about their medications. This also helps them avoid errors, especially if the app allows them to counter check drug information. Its also imperative that all pharmacy assistants be well-trained before they can start working, so this app can help drugstore own...
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