A physician quits and practices medicine her way

A physician quits and practices medicine her way

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For me, healing health care simply starts here, just between me and my patient.
26 Oct 2016 - General
Somehow I understand her plight, and I can relate to some of her statements. "We didn’t foresee workdays of endless paperwork, negotiating access to care and justifying our medical care to non-medical managerial personnel." --- this is so true. These are the negative sides to managed healthcare. However, I don't think that these are reasons to quit. When doctors get exhausted, they should find a way to cope with it by taking a vacation, going on trips etc. It's good that she wa...
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It may sound like a cliche but medicine is an art also. Everyone is free to tweak approaches as long as the patient's best interest is the core of practice. I agree with the author that being extremely loaded with chart work and other hospital stuff may deviate us from establishing a good physician-patient interaction. Doctors should make more effort in listening to the patient as this is part of good history taking. A patient who feels that he is being attended to with full attention will d...
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