A new mechanism of fat generation uncovered!

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27 Oct 2016 - General

Scientists from Stafford University medical college have revealed a new control mechanism for fat to reduce the intake of calories via a method facilitated by the hormones and the diet responsive protein named as ADAMTS1. The scientists have identified that the protein ADAMTS1 is secreted by the mature fat cells and determine whether the closeby cells turn into fat cells or not. A high fat diet and steroid medications are found to increase the amount of that particular protein leading fat deposition. Along with the new recovery perhaps a method will be identified to block the mechanism of that protein or the production of that protein minimizing the fat tissue deposition.

Is this the same as the metallopeptidase involved with inflammatory processes and development of cachexia among cancer patients? If this protein is really responsible for fat deposition, then we may have a promising treatment for obese patients to avoid further complications. I wish that this also prevents accumulation of visceral fat that is often associated with cardiovascular problems. Identification of ADAMTS1 is a promising step towards the solution of obesity, a glo...
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Thanks for sharing the information. It looks like a potential target to develop new pharmaceutical agents to fight obesity. This got me into thinking whether there is scientifically proven methods of countering this mechanism of fat deposition. The expression of the ADAMTS1 gene is also thought to be associated with various inflammatory processes as well as development of cancer cachexia. And this gene is likely to be necessary for normal growth, fertility, and organ morphology and function. So...
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