The changing landscape of healthcare professionals’ duties in Singapore

The changing landscape of healthcare professionals’ duties in Singapore

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The diversity of job roles that healthcare professionals take on has increased in recent years. According to Minister Ng Eng Hen, Singapore might see a shortage of doctors in the future as Singapore’s population continues to age, and healthcare staffs like nurses will be encouraged to venture beyond traditional nursing roles to encompass other healthcare components.
27 Oct 2016 - General
It is important to include social skills and elements in the healthcare system. It improves the doctor-patient or doctor-nurse relationship. Of course, with the advancements in healthcare research and technology, the roles and duties of healthcare professionals have been diversified. Earlier, there were only dentists and assistants, but nowadays so many specializations have been added. Also, in some foreign countries, there are prevention assistants. They are the dental nurses that educate the p...
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Healthcare professionals in Singapore are diversifying due to high increase in demands and shortage of staff. But I noticed that more than 50% of the healthcare staff in Singapore are not Singaporeans - and it is still not enough. Due to the high demands in staffing, many of our healthcare professionals, especially the nurses have been offered to take up new and upgraded roles to fill in the gaps of those in need of assistance. Nurses will also be advised to act as advocator to patients and thei...
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