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27 Oct 2016 - General

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We are all very proud of playing a vital role in each nation's healthcare system. One profession complements other fields that ensure quality care of patients. Most healthcare professionals would agree that there is nothing like finding fulfilment in knowing that you make other's lives better. It is a vocation to be obsessed with facilitating the healing of a person with illness. It would come to no surprise that our ideal thinking (well, most of us) would be for our children (or future children) to follow our footsteps. We would prefer our children to experience the intoxicating gratification that comes with being a healthcare provider.

Honestly, my wife and I have long discussed as to whether we would encourage our daughters to take up medical school. Our answer is no and yes. No, if the kids would pretty much be forced to follow our footsteps. We would rather let them find their own passion if they feel that the field of medicine is not right for them. It would really be a nightmare for a person to be forced to go through medical school and multiple personal sacrifices if he/she feels lukewarm about the profession. We find it unfair for them to spend the primes of their lives trying to please us by forcing to go through medical school. If one or both of the kids show immense passion in pursuing the field of medicine, then we would gladly allow them to fulfill their calling. What I am trying to say is that our children can enter medical school if they genuinely wish to do so. We would not force them to pursue the field of medicine if the main reason is to have continuity of our proession.

For the MIMS community, would you prefer your children (or future children) to pursue the same career as yours?

TALAL HUSSAIN I believe that every kid has a talent or a special interest and we should look closely into it. It would really show if they are more inclined to do art, music, or academic stuff. Some would verbally express the career they want to be in. Personally, I have been verbally expressing that I want to be a doctor since I was six years old and pretty certain that there was no external influence (my parent...
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Mark Edmon Tan a very nice article and i must say i completely agree with your point of view. If we see it the other way and stop our children from going into medical school then actually we are forcing our own will on them. So we should be harnessing the gift , as you put it , with regards to our children. If we wait for the system to improve and for example all have the same impression of not going into medical...
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Marinelle Castro For practicality reasons, I would not encourage my children to take up medical school too. If anyone has noticed in the Philippines yet, we are the only profession that is mandated to serve the country for at least 730 days for free. I feel that this is unjust especially the internship part of medical training because I know how well interns are compensated in Western countries. My main concern s...
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Mark Edmon Tan I went to the link where you referenced the photo, and I thought it was really great that they have that program for kids (Doctor for a day!) They looked so cute in scrubs! Anyway, in my opinion, if I have a child, I would probably not encourage him/her to follow the path that I took. It is really a privilege to be a physician, but I believe that the current educational system is too taxing. I kno...
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