Ugh, Losing Weight Makes You Hungrier

Ugh, Losing Weight Makes You Hungrier

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No wonder dieting is so damn difficult!
27 Oct 2016 - General
I agree with You Yi Hong. The best way to lose weight is to have discipline that is two-fold--controlled diet and ample exercise. It's never just one and it is never hurried. You can crash diet and you will shed the pounds, but you will surely crave for a lot of things and that results in the "yoyo" effect. You can slave yourself in the gym but if you are not going to control your eating habits, it ...
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I think the best way to lose weight will be a good combination of disciplined regular exercise and controlled diet plan. When we change the lifestyle from physically inactivity to regular interval of exercise regimen, the metabolic rate in our body may be increasing, which may result in the feeling of hungrier. But, we shouldn’t eat excessively after good period of exercise, as it will contradict the purpose of regular exercise regimen. We may fill our hunger with healthy, low calorie, low in su...
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I also can relate to the fact that losing weight makes you hungrier. People who are overweight are usually used to eating more. (I guess that is the reason why they are obese in the first place) So when you try to limit your intake and lose weight it can be really difficult because your brain is kind of like addicted to food. So trying to reduce intake in order to lose weight is more of a mental challenge than physical. I think there is a biochemical aspect to that too. There are various chemica...
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Losing weight is really a real struggle for those who are engaging in activities and do cut diets to lose weight. It made me sigh when i read from the article that for every two pounds they lost, they ate about 100 extra calories per day. No wonder, why my man who do a lot of exercise and diet at the same time but in the end, he is still gaining weight. I guess the effort he does is not enough. I just wish that there's a medication available in...
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