Man has world’s largest kidneys weighing 13kg removed

Man has world’s largest kidneys weighing 13kg removed

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A team of urologists from Dubai Hospital has successfully removed a pair of kidneys - each one bigger than the size of a watermelon - from the abdomen of a 56-year old patient.
28 Oct 2016 - General
Oh my god! How could a person bear two kidneys weighing 13 kgs! Is this true? I can not even believe. Is there a space for the other abdominal organs? Kidneys are the hearts of the human excretory system. So when we meet a case like this, we have to address several paths. Seconding what this article has mentioned, bilateral enlarged kidneys can be due to a mechanical obstruction in the bladder and that may be hereditary. This man has got polycystic kidney disease and that was the cause for the e...
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The polycystic kidney is a genetic disorder and unfortunately, Ahmad Saeed is suffering from it since birth but he was not aware of it. It is astonishing that each kidney size is 40 times more than the normal kidney size and weight of both kidneys is 13 kg in total. These were the biggest kidneys removed in the world for the first time after 5 hours extensive surgery. A team of general surgeons and vascular surgeons were on standby because there were many adhesions to the bowel that could damage...
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Wow, I have encountered such a case in my career, that's why I'm still in awe. In our region, polycystic kidney disease is not very common. This genetic condition has a lot of other associated illnesses such as aneurysms and other vascular diseases. I just hope that he found out sooner so that he can have a better quality of life. If both kidneys were removed, he has to be on renal replacement therapy until he is fully prepared for renal transplantation. I hope that he can find a donor s...
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